Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space: The Sock Saga Continues

I got all of my beads out last week. I sorted...I looked for inspiration. I even ordered some books. I then moved them back into my Sewing room and pulled out my little size 0 knitting needles and cast on 36 stitches in an attempt to recreate the adult sized socks I made for Grace (Daughter age 8) in a smaller size for my grandson (age 2). I knitted (see the post before the creamed peas and potatoes report) running out of my left over yarn just before the toe. On Tuesday my grandson and I took a trip to the knitting store and I found a lovely blue to finish off his planned but now obviously too small socks. While at the store Grant picked out some yarn for my next pair of socks. he chose a red, white and blue self striping yarn. Now...if I can just work out how to do the math to get socks that are not too big and not too small but just right.

I just spent the evening looking at all of the creative space posts on Kootoyoo's blog. A great feat as there are so many cool ones and I spend ages looking around and linking some up on my favorites list.


  1. wow those socks look so difficult to make but so utterly divine. Good luck with the sizing.

  2. What a cute little sock! Have fun with the Regia - it looks like it will knit up really nicely.

  3. you are genius:: i love them.