Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finished Cardigan--For Me!!

Last week I finished knitting the Knitting Pure & Simple Wrap Cardigan Top Down pattern. I love Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns. They were the first pattern brand I ever tried and I was able, even as a beginner, to read and understand the instructions. This is my second project. The first was a baby sweater (I don't dive into the shallow end on anything).

In the midst of this project I found out that I was twisting my knitting. I started knitting a pair of sock in tandem with the cardi project. The cardigan had gotten to big to carry into a horse barn and I wanted something small to carry to meetings and Grace's horse-back riding lessons. I carried my first forlorn sock into my local knitting shop for some advice (it was a bit twisted and the toe seam was shifted 90 degrees. The woman behind the counter took me by the hand and after a picture we ripped out all of my hours of work. She diagnosed my wonky knitting and then...I had to go home and start it right back up again so that my two sweater sleeves would match on the sweater. I was really worried that by the time I finished the sweater I wouldn't remember the right way to knit (it was just a 2 minute lesson). My fear did speed up the process because i finished that sleeve in one evening so I could move onto knitting properly.

I have yet to weave in the ends or block this sweater. This is mostly because I have no clue how to do the blocking. There is a class at my 'shop' on June 12 that I might take to give me a kick up the backside and get going on it.

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  1. Cool..sweater...I admire you for doing a sweater..grandma would be so proud.I ran across a mohair sweater she had knitted for me..but it was kind of gross..I think said a little prayer and threw it away...well maybe it was crocheted.. God you are looking so good!!!your legs are curvy...went to ww this morn and Im down 2 lbs..but Im quitting for summer after june