Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrap Dilemma

Yesterday was horseback riding day. I have not started any beading yet but have continued to look and think on it. One problem I discovered yesterday and used to spur me onto (or excuse) picking up the knitting needles again is that I can hardly bead while perched on a stool in a dirty barn smelling of horse. I dug around in my little emergency knitting kit and pulled out the two tiny remaining balls of yarn from the now finished socks. I cast on 36 stitches and am making an attempt at a small child's pair of socks. I am doing this by altering the adult pattern. I am a bit of a fly by the seat of your pants girl so it has been a lot of fun to make the mathy decisions as I go.

I knitted away most of the afternoon on my new invention and hit a snag at 11pm. The yarn ran out. It would hardly make sense to go buy another skein of this yarn to finish them but my husband suggested I go try and find a solid color sock weight yarn (at the store as this was the remains of my first sock weight yarn adventure). I can then make a pair of socks for him with the solid leftovers :). I have managed to turn the heel and just have the foot length left to knit up.

I tried them in their unfinished state on my 2 year old grandson. They were to small for his chunky little legs so i guess I will have to wait for a baby to come along.

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  1. Oh It does get frustrating when that happens. Even worse when you get the extra yarn to finish off, then start another project with the left overs, then run out and have to get some more....