Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One is Fun Two a Pain? My Creative Space

I week or so ago I finished up one of these very cute Red velvet cupcake wrist warmers for my daughter Grace. I made a few adjustments up at the elbow (a shorter top cuff as her arm just is not that long)

She is thrilled with this first one and anxious to receive the second. Only I am having a heck of a time getting on with the second one. The problem is the 168 stitch cast on. That much is OK for a sweater but a wrist warmer? sheesh. It is for the very lovely ruffle but one wrong move and those stitches come flying off my double pointed needles and then I am left all confused and the need to start over. The first glove took 3 tries to cast on before I managed to keep it going and with this second wrist warmer I am already on my second cast on.

I am scared to start another project as I do not think I will ever do a second one of these wrist warmers if I don't do so now. Grace had a haircut today and I took the 40 minutes wait to cast on. I am now ready to start knitting...wish me luck!

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