Monday, July 26, 2010

My Name is Tina and I Have a Project Problem

I had an excuse (David's work) to go down to a knitting shop that I rarely visit. David had an hour before a meeting that he had to attend and I acted as chauffeur as he was feeling a tad under the weather (you know..he 'had' to go but I thought he should have been tucked in bed). While we waited for the meeting to start I dragged the poor guy into the knitting store so I could have a little look around.

Ok...before you get all worried about David..they had a couch he sat on and wifi so he spent some web time in a comfortable place.

Grace and I had a little look around. I said I would not buy anything. Um..well...Grace saw this really cute sleeve thing with beads and ruffles that looks really easy to knit and then of course we needed to pick out just the right shade of yarn (red sock yarn)..then we found a button for her already completed sweater. and then I needed a bit of red yarn for a friends baby due at Christmas time (a boy and I am planning on a pair of socks and hat in red and a green cardigan). Then I found just the right shade of beige to start over on the lace skirt that I quit and frogged in frustration during the lace class (I vowed that I would make the thing and I am holding to that vow even if it takes years).

I will not name the sum of money spent but needless to say it was uncalled for as these projects fall in line at the end of many yet to be finished projects that wait for me to start and/or finish them. I need to put in some serious knitting time during our vacation next week to redeem my self.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Busy

Things have been all action around here for the past couple of weeks. I will try and upload a few pictures tomorrow. The bottom line is we have been spending more time doing stuff than we have been documenting the doing. Here is a run down:

1. David mastered his quest for wonderful sour dough bread. It was very mellow and delicious but in order to keep it going I have to live with a living thing in my refrigerator that must be fed and watered every few days (sounds like a small pet minus the poo).

2. We have gone on several mid-distance bike rides. one 10 mile, one 8 mile and one 6 mile. We are planning on another this weekend.

3. The lace failure has paralyzed my knitting bug. I have only knitted 4 rows since mylast post and those were 'normal' knitting.

4. My job has been picking up. Three of my tutoring students came back from their summer holidays, It is midterm time and tests must be written and finally my third job has had some paperwork to edit. I also have random papers to write for upcoming presentations and such.

5. The garden is perking up. The peas finished and Grace and I replanted with beets, carrots and parsnips. The green beans are now on full (have to pick daily) and I am getting a bit of broccoli every couple of days. I am just a couple of days away from harvesting some brussel sprouts as well.

6. My house is breaking out in mess!! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I took a class on Sunday in order to learn how to knit lace. I can crochet lace I even learned once how to tat it....knitting it is soooooooooo frustrating right now. I started a skirt out of linen yarn (OK...maybe too big of a leap for a beginner)...It didn't work and has been frogged. I got out an some old leftover green wool and tried the same patterns as the skirt but for a much smaller scarf...I hate scarves....i just ripped it out because although I had something that resembled lace it was not done well...or even close to what the pattern showed. I started a tank top with the linen yarn but the ribbing stitch will take too long to get through before I hit any lace. This is counter-productive.

It feels like this (borrowed picture from

So I don't know what to do now. I have a second follow-up class on Thursday. I need an easy fun lace pattern to make...I guess I need to trawl revelry. Do any of you have any ideas?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Knitters Abbreviations

From the webpage

I bought a new pattern to make myself a thin black sweatet. The pattern: featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. The yarn is a fine black sock weight nylon yarn.

I didn't even get past the first row and had difficulty reading the pattern. Until now I have only made patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple. One thing I love about the Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns is that all of the abbreviations are explained on the pattern itself.

On the new Knitbot pattern I had to stop after the first row and come home to look up what m meant---mark...sheesh how is a poor new knitter to know that? and M1 means make one. Here is the glossary of terms. The cool part is on some of them there is even a linked video. After looking up those two simple code words I am off again and can knit during the weekly horseback riding lessons this afternoon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cool Kids Sleep-over Bag

I have been looking for ideas to make quick bags for kids to use. I think this one from Clotilde might just do the trick.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative 'Spaces'

I am having a bit of a problem paying attention to one project at a time and even a bigger one in organizing my supplies for the habits. The other night I was tired of sitting in my usual 'creative space' This space often involves television, a laptop or a knitting project. Instead I moved myself to my sewing room and had a bit of a sort out and some sewing.

My machine came back from the 'spa' last week for its annual rejuvenation treatment. Honestly she rarely gets her spa treatment annually even though she is supposed to and the cost was dear enough to pay for several spa treatments for me!!

I discovered in my clean out that I have several unfinished projects (don't we all?) that need my attention. I have a tree skirt to update for a friend. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Each year I sew on another handprint for each of her children. Eventually they will be full grown and the skirt will be full.

In this stash of yarn (I think that is all I have squirreled away) There is a Christmas stocking that I need to start over on and then there is Grace's sweater that needs sleeves and a neckband.

There are also a variety of loose knitting needles and knitting stuff to find a home for. Perhaps I need to make a needle bag or two? or perhaps a pink ponytail holder and a gallon sized zip-lock bag (reused) will do?

I finished my little tidy and started something new with old-I found an old scrap from a practice monogram for my daughter Meghan in my drawer of laces and trims. I embroidered this when she was 18 (she is now 23). Adding some additional scraps from my stash I am fashioning her a make-up bag...if I finish it before I go off chasing another project.

It ain't pretty but it is MY Sewing Room..other pics of the room with captions.

Built in cupboards. They are a mess but store a lot of stashed fabric bits and books.

An open closet with three heirloom baby dresses from my grandmother and the lining from one of her dresses in the 40's. I am planning to hang them on the wall.

The sewing machine cabinet closes up into a wardrobe sized cupboard. I love it but never close it.

A messy corner. The hatboxes hold yarn, magazines and bits of fabric. The pile of clothes are old linens and silks earmarked for bag-making. The gray jacket is the jacket my husband wore at our wedding. I am having difficulty cutting it up. Does anyone have any good ideas to make use of it wisely?

I love having a room where my ironing board can stay up all of the time.

My cutting/work table was a library table from the public library in Pasco, Washington, USA. It is a beautiful piece of Oak furniture that they likely replaced with melamine. My grandmother had it as her cutting table and then my mother and now I have it. My daughter would like it for a desk (and I have promised it to her) but I just found a good place for it and I am having trouble letting go. At the end is my serger. It came unthreaded and I cannot figure out how to rethread it. My mother-in-law in far away Wales is the only person who ever manages to figure it out. I really need lessons I think.

These Creative Spaces are brought to you because of Kootoyoo the queen of creativity.