Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I took a class on Sunday in order to learn how to knit lace. I can crochet lace I even learned once how to tat it....knitting it is soooooooooo frustrating right now. I started a skirt out of linen yarn (OK...maybe too big of a leap for a beginner)...It didn't work and has been frogged. I got out an some old leftover green wool and tried the same patterns as the skirt but for a much smaller scarf...I hate scarves....i just ripped it out because although I had something that resembled lace it was not done well...or even close to what the pattern showed. I started a tank top with the linen yarn but the ribbing stitch will take too long to get through before I hit any lace. This is counter-productive.

It feels like this (borrowed picture from knitnfrog.livejournal.com/)

So I don't know what to do now. I have a second follow-up class on Thursday. I need an easy fun lace pattern to make...I guess I need to trawl revelry. Do any of you have any ideas?


  1. I think you are brave taking on such a project. I can’t imagine how miserably I would fail at it!!! I am the worst knitter in the world. Good luck finding an exciting project for Thursday’s class. I am sure once you get one project under your belt you will be on the way.

  2. Yup...that's a "too hard basket" one for me. Good luck.