Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Knitters Abbreviations

From the webpage

I bought a new pattern to make myself a thin black sweatet. The pattern: featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. The yarn is a fine black sock weight nylon yarn.

I didn't even get past the first row and had difficulty reading the pattern. Until now I have only made patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple. One thing I love about the Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns is that all of the abbreviations are explained on the pattern itself.

On the new Knitbot pattern I had to stop after the first row and come home to look up what m meant---mark...sheesh how is a poor new knitter to know that? and M1 means make one. Here is the glossary of terms. The cool part is on some of them there is even a linked video. After looking up those two simple code words I am off again and can knit during the weekly horseback riding lessons this afternoon.


  1. yeah, how come all the terms have changed over the years & there are so many new ones too. At least we have a pretty instant place to find the answers! Good luck with your knitting now!

  2. Hi Tina! This pattern looks great, but alas, knitting anything of this quality is beyond me! Sorry I wasn't able to reply to your question on my blog as you don't have an email account visible on your profile, and I wasn't sure you'd subscribed to the comments. But this is where I get my labels if you're wondering:

    Best wishes!


  3. There are a lot of terms around and often UK and US terms differ slightly, I have to write it all down at the start of each new pattern just so I can quickly remind myself, sometimes my mind goes quite blank from one day to the next!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, it is lovely to hear from someone working on the same pattern, it certainly does require patience but I now that I am past the armholes I feel I am really making progress. I know I will hate working the collar.