Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space-Finished Socks and Beaded Inspiration

My Creative Space is the brilliant idea of Kootoyoo. Go look and see all of the creative posts by artists and crafters around the globe.

They are done-I finished the last stitch last night closing up the second sock toe at about ten PM Wednesday night.

Next up beading. Today I have done a search for design ideas. I am hoping to do some corn (the orange, yellow and maroon beads inspire corn I think). I am also inspired but he idea of a dogwood flower and a butterfly. Because this is to celebrate my father and siblings joining the Cherokee nation I want to have some authenticity to what I put together. Here are sources of potential inspiration for me.

These were made and photographed by Martha Berry. She is a Cherokee beading artist. I bought some of the patterns she offers but am looking around for inspiration in designs that are meaningful for my dad and I (he and I get the first two pair of moccs).


  1. Nice socks. I crocheted my first pair recently and found it soo satisfying. I'm just a couple of stops before you on My Creative Space and just wanted to say Hi!

  2. your socks look amazing. i love the colour ... it's the next thing to learn on my knitting list.

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