Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space-Socks

Today as the sunshine was out and I babysit my grandson Thursday mornings the two of us went out to play. I brought my 'knitting emergency bag' with sock number two in progress. sock number one had to be knitted twice so technically this is sock number three :)...I have learned a lot from sock knitting and am having a blast with it all just now. When completed these two will be knee socks for my 8 year old daughter Grace.

While my 2 year old grandson played with the rocks in the back garden I sat on a lawn chair with knitting in hand. I also took time out to admire his bootiful (his word) rock finds.

I am using the Beginners lightweight sock pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple and the Sox Berroco Self Patterning Jacquard Sock Yarn #1477.

Her is where the Creative Space people Live-and interact-Kootoyoo

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Happy creating!!


  1. Those socks look amazing! I love the self patterning yarns you used.

  2. Love the socks. I started knitting socks last year. They are addictive. Must get going again soon I think. That yarn you are using is gorgeous!