Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Peas and Potatoes with Cream

This is stuff from my childhood. My grandma made them occasionally in the spring. Today I visited my local Wednesday farmers market with my 8 year old daughter and her school for a field trip.
While there I made my own purchases as well as helped to herd the kiddies from market to fountain and then another fountain (in the pouring rain I might add).

Purchased: Rhubarb for more crumble, sugar snap peas, shelling peas, new red potatoes, sage plant, oregano plant, lemon cucumber plant, one sesame cookie to share with my adult daughter who also came along and one french style cookie (Meghan said she found them all over the bakeries while in Paris a few years ago) that is a sandwich meringue cookies, filled with flavored cream (none of us can remember what it is called).

The recipe-
So this evening I boiled the tiny little potatoes while I shelled the peas. I added the peas to the water after shelling and then when the potatoes were soft I drained the two now together in the pot. Popped the two into a small bowl and then I poured in a little bit of whipping cream (we are cream deprived in the U.S. so if I were in the UK it would have been double cream). I added a lot of fresh ground pepper and salt and voila....a trip back to my childhood. Fresh new potatoes and peas with cream.

Sorry-we all ate them before pictures could be taken You will have to settle for children and river gazing.

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