Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I like This creative Space Thursday Stuff

So all week I have been working away on my sock so I can finish it by Thursday. I am down to the toe and think it will be finished just in time to make a completed pair by then. I have to say the Creative Space stuff has served to light a fire under me. Another push has been the fact that my big old piece of leather came in the mail on Saturday and I went bead shopping on Sunday (Ship wreck beads).

We packed up my second to the oldest daughter's apartment in Seattle to move her back down to Portland for a new job here. Olympia and ship wreck beads was along the way. That store has the most fantabulous selection of all things beady on the planet. It is absolutely Huge! I am planning on making moccasins for my dad and myself (a tribal celebration of sorts) and some beaded hair barrettes for my daughters. Once years ago I did a bit of beading but it has been ages (and my eye sight has slipped since then).

I picked out a range of maroons, oranges, yellows and black to bead an ear of corn. I am thinking of trying to use raffia for the husk. A range of green beads to do some leaves and then a few multicolored strands to use in any other design that I come up with. I will of course present pictures of all of these goods on Thursday (unless I finish the socks first).

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