Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lots of Action No Blogging

There has been lots going on here in the Johnston house-most of it has even involved 'doing'. The garden is growing beautifully and David has been cooking up a storm. He got a new barbecue for father's day and has been carefully devising meals on it. I have finished a pair of socks that actually fit my grandson and started on a cardigan for Grace. I also started the moccasins but am not satisfied with the way the leather is behaving and have put them aside while I think on it some more. My sewing went into the shop for servicing before I put it to work preparing for the August craft fair in our neighborhood. Below is a sample of pictures from the last month in no particular order.

Launching of a neighborhood newspaper that I am participating in. It has been fun to write articles and take pictures. We went online a couple of weeks ago with the inaugural issue.

Grace at riding lessons

Knitting at horse back riding lessons. I sit near the door so there is light and on a stool. I constantly drop my needles and markers in the dirt and have to find them.

I love chickens. They run around the horse barn freely. I cannot have them in my yard so I get to pretend these ones are mine once a week.

Grace did some water color painting today. Independence day is next Sunday.

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  1. Knitting is the perfect mobile craft for when the kiddies have activities!