Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bejewled Jeans for Girls With Short Legs

Grace my 8 year old is afflicted with short legs. I am always rolling up her pants (It would just be wasteful to cut them off as she will grow right?). This morning we had an epiphany-instead of cuffing her jeans we rolled them up once and then pinned them with friendship safety pins. Grace makes these pins like crazy and sells them for 25 cents to her friends at school. Although the regular kind can be used we prefer the all brass safety pins as they don't have the loop at the end to deal with and can be unbent and rebent much more easily.

I think I will baste around the top of the cuff for more stability and then commission Grace to make more pins for fun.

Another My Creative Space brought to you by Kootoyoo


  1. cool creative space ... i don't know how I missed you.

    PS Tina You didn’t leave your email address on your comment about sock patterns but I have about four sock pattern books I’d be happy to look through and see if they have what you want.

    The ones I have are very basic Patons pattern books (an English brand but also located in Australia) from the 1950s and 1960s.

    From memory the old pattern books have baby and children’s patterns in them.

    I also have a newer pattern book (this year or last year’s) that would be structured more as you suggest.

    I love sock pattern books!

    Drop me an email and I’ll see what I can organise for you.

  2. very cool way to make some jeans shorter! Liking the poitive messages that go with it... custom making something extra special
    Lovely post! Loving the creative space!