Friday, June 4, 2010

Cabbage Worms!!!!

During my last farm report I mentioned some difficulty with my poor holy (and not the divine kind) Broccoli plants. Well we had a crack of sunshine today and both David and I popped out for a stroll around the beds. The herbs..good. The peas are now loaded with budding pea pods. The tomatoes..still be droopy but I saw blossoms as did I on the pepper plants. The brussel sprout plant is huge but the broccoli...

HAS WORMS!!! vast quantities of little green wiggly things. In all of my 5 years of gardening vegetables in the backyard I have never had bug problems. Sure I have seen the odd tomato worm but never ever something to this extent. My guess is the little suckers came with the little plant and have now put the entire garden section into jeopardy.

Now the difficulty-I was not raised organic. My garden has largely been organic because nothing has ever tried to invade it. My first instinct was to go dig in my shed and see what hardcore bug killing chemicals I could find (stuff is in there from years ago). I paused...I breathed...I don't want to go off half-crazy and not think this through. I could give up on broccoli this year...I could find some more natural way.

I searched the web. They said neem spray...a light bulb went off in my brain. I have neem oil in my house. I was told last year when we were invaded with the big lice infestation that it would help keep them from moving in again. I pulled out the bottle that has sat in the cupboard since and took it out to have a trial on the plants. neem oil, peppermint oil and water. T sprayed two test plants and am going to wait and see if 1. the worms die and 2. the plants die. If I gain victory over the evil beasts I will spray some more. If not..I need advice!!


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  1. Aah cabbage whites possibly?
    From a White butterfly.
    We keep ours covered with netting.
    Can you pick them off?

    Mine are also still being attacked, I looked at pesticides today,
    but couldn't bring myself to buy the evil.
    I guess it's the tweezers for me!

    Hey ho
    Clare xx