Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Creative Space: Grace

Spring is coming we hope:

Grace age 9 came home from school today and opened the door to the back patio just like it was summer today. The sun is sending mixed messages to us out here in the west. The sky is clear. the sun is out and green things are beginning poke up out of the ground. I suggested she go get the camera and go out to take some pictures. She did...and these are the result.
Sadly it is colder outside than it appears and she had to close it to keep the heater from kicking on over and over again. As she sat in a chair looking out through a large sliding glass door she said, "that one green tree in with all of those tall brown ones would make a great painting".

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  1. it's great she had fun with the camera !
    i'm trying to get my girl play with it ,too. but it seems she's more interested in video making... so be it ! videos !
    have a lovely weekend & stay warm

  2. I love how much you can learn about how a child sees the world by what they take pictures of. She did really well, they look great.